In the common history they were a viking people from across the Oceanus and they conquered all of Western Immorren in a matter 200 years. Only Caspia, the city of walls, and the far northern reaches of Irkusska were able to withstand them. The rest of the continent, from the Dragonspire mountains to the Idrian deserts, was conquered and enslaved by the wild men from across the sea.

These “Orgoth” were hardy men who stood at least a half foot taller than most men. They wore armor and wealded weapons engraved with howling faces. They were not overthrown until after the advent of gunpowder AND the gift of magic was bestowed upon mankind.

However, the reality was that these viking “Orgoth” were no more than slaves to their masters. The REAL Orgoth were actually aliens from beyond this planet. The PCs have encountered the Orgoth several times throughout the campaign.

1. The Isle of Herone
2. The Northern Colossal

3. Ghost Stories

The first visual of the Orgoth was gleaned from the transmissions in the Orgoth starship buried below the Old Colossal in Five Fingers.

Their full story is now told to the PCs by iVVI.

iVVI’s Monologue II
Location: Orgoth station #99-Y6

“As a race, the Orgoth once ruled a dozen galaxies. Now they do not rule even a dozen planets. The story that brought them to your world is as sad and as tragic as the story of what they did here. Here me now …

The Orgoth are at war, not with anyone on this planet mind you, they are at war with the Volda, a race made of the same substance as stars, a fact that makes them a cousin race of the Orgoth themselves.

The war has lasted seventeen thousand, four hundred eighty five years, six months, and two days. It is a conflict which I have born witness to in its entirety, and from the very beginning the Orgoth have been losing.

The stakes are nothing more than the total annihilation of either side. On one side, the Orgoth subsist by drawing power from the sun, as does everything on this planet – whether it be from food, or the soil, or water, etc, etc. The other side, the Volda, exist by CONSUMING stars.

In this conflict the Volda struck first, albiet unknowingly, by eating the star of Orgoth’s home solar system. The Orgoth, understandably, struck back by destroying the Voldons who had done so.

Now, until that moment the Volda had regarded all carbon based life in much the same manner you may look at an ant, or a fly, bu then they looked about at twelve of their number destroyed and they tried a thing they had never tried before – they negotiated.

Of course, things went badly. The Orgoth would not sacrifice “some” or “a few” of their solar systems to collapse and the Volda were unwilling to “give” all of these stars to their inferiors (for they are very territorial, claims had been made), and so the war was on, now in full.

There were not many battles, mainly massacres, and the Orgoth now stand at the brink of full genocide. The overlords of your world are the former tyrants of entire galaxies, but now number no more than a few hundred thousand. They have no hope for surrender for you must have leverage to surrender with your life.

Instead, they have but one hope. At the heart of each inhabitable planet is a lifeforce they refer to as a “Karn”. Each Karn is a four headed beast: law, chaos, good, and evil. Thus there are the four true deities of this planet.

-Devourer Wurm -Menoth -Thamar -Morrow

A small team of Orgoth once occupied this world. They were no more than a few dozen. They build the station that you see here. It is a trap, built to destroy any Volda who may stumble upon this planet, and consume it whole. When this planet’s inhabitants overthrew their overlords, the safeguards were tripped, and this station was armed. Should a Volda come within 0.00137486 light years of this planet a black hole will open, pulling the enemy and everything else with it into oblivion.

Interestingly, the Orgoth named this station “the Dragon”, no doubt after the fearsome creatures that inhabit this planet.

As an Individually Viable Vocational Intelligence, I have access to the Orgoth main frame, its defense communications grid which is the only thing that can travel at faster than the speed of light, albeit only with information. It is thus that I can say with great certainty that a pack of Volda deep space hunters will enter into orbit around this planet in approximately 1 year and seven month and four days. Which brings us to the task at hand…

Over 1,000 years ago the Orgoth conquered all of western Immorren with the intention of locating this planet’s “Karn”, harnessing it, and then using it as a weapon. Everything they did was predicated to that end. After hundred of years they finally found themselves closing in on that goal. Unfortunately, their hold on the planet was weakening. The human races had banded together in what was known as the Iron Rebellion. The Army of 1000 rifles was the first to rise against, and be defeated by, the Orgoth. The humans kept trying. Caspia, the city of walls, had never fallen, and became a base for all other rebellions.

400 years ago the Orgoth still ruled central Immorren. Although their power was dwindling, the surviving members of their race carried on with their original plan. This planet’s Karn was to be harnessed and used to fight their mortal enemies, the Volda. This is the time to which I will send you."


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