The Dragonfather, rules the Empire of Cryx


]TorukThe largest dragon in all of Immorren. Considers himself a deity, and might be right.


Toruk is one of the most powerful beings on Immorren. Thousands of years ago he single-handedly prevented the Orgoth from even touching down in the Scharde Isles.

According to legend, he is the sire of all of dragonkind. Also according to legend, his sires rebelled against him starting the Great Dragon War. This conflict is still going on today. Toruk seeks to kill all other dragons so as to reclaim the power he gave up to create them.

Toruk is also the one who killed Charles. The chimneysweep had traveled to Cryx to bargain with the Dragon. Unfortunately for Charles, Voodoo double-crossed him and Toruk impaled him with his claw.


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