Dragon/Druid and former leader of the 4th Coil of Orboros


CR 30 Great Wyrm.

740 hp/46 AC – Damage Reduction 20/Serricsteel
Base attk 41, Bite +48 (6d815), Tail Slap 46 (4d622)
Fort +34, Ref +24, Will +28


Orion was a 2nd generation dragon (descended from the descendants of Toruk) who had worked his way into the leadership of the Druids of Orboros. Whether or not Orion was of true Druidic ilk or not is up for debate. He died in battle just outside the capitol of Irkuskka after having fought the Irkuskkan army. He took over a hundred soldiers and dozens of paladins with him to Urcaen.

Orion was rumored to have numerous ties to the mortal governments of the Iron Kingdoms. Which, if any, of these ties are true or not is up for debate. The Druids of Orboros believe in stopping civilization’s impact on nature and Orion strove toward those ends.

As a dragon, Orion was most frequently spotted in the northern territories of the Iron Kingdoms. He was fond of raiding villages in Northern Khador. However, he was known to travel frequently as the Orboros Druids have influence everywhere from Southern Cygnar to Central Khador.

Outside of the druids, Orion was also known to employ Dragonspawn from time to time. If the spawn were his own or someone else’s he never let on.

Orion’s death was three fold – First, he was stunned and blinded by an arrow from the infamous Captain Handjob. Second, he was entangled by Evard’s Black Tentacles cast by the Warcaster Anton. And finally, he was shot fatally in the chest by a gunfighter named Steve.


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