Margrave of Vilmaer

(former) Nobleman of Cygnar who governed a border region to the north (Cygnar/Lael/Khador border).


The Margrave was a tall and stately man in his early forties. He was well versed in hunting and battle. In life he usually wore a grey hunting cloak and traveler’s clothing. He carried a Varnar liberator and an ancient pistola.

In un-death he was half man half ogre and followed the druid Via of Ios.


The Margrave of Vilmaer was a key NPC early in the campaign. He gave group 2 (Charles, Treadle, Tok, and Via) their first mission together (the Midnight Express). He helped uncover part of the Cygnar Conspiracy and aided the PCs in their rescue of Prince Leto from the Isle of Herone. His mansion was also the scene of several key events – including: The first face to face meeting with the Druid Poe (and his giant raven), several battles with the Retribution of Scyrah, and Hope Illyria’s first showdown with her husband’s murderer.Margrave of vilmaer

Margrave of Vilmaer

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