Iron Kingdoms

Episode II: The Accidental Princess

Lincoln, Capt. Handjob, Charles and crew sailed north to Irkusska. They carried a cargo of oil, spices, and coal on which they made a hefty profit. Handjob and Lincoln then negotiated a meeting with the ruling family to strike a deal for return trips.

The royal family was in the midst of celebrating the recent marriage of their oldest son, Prince Yaskar, to a young countess from Cygnar. The party and royal family were sitting down for a dinner banquet when the young princess entered the room. Charles was caught a bit off guard. It was Amelia, Charles’ long lost daughter from his failed marriage.

Delilah, Charles ex-wife, had heard the Crown Prince of Irkusska was available and looking. So, she cashed in all her influence to risk an arranged marriage with her daughter. The gamble had worked, a massive dowry was paid, and Delilah was a made woman. After a lavish wedding, Amelia soon found herself in a country covered in ice with no one she knew.

Charles’ and Amelia’s relationship was obviously strained and everyone’s conversation that night was strained and terse (although Handjob and Yaskar were able to strike a deal and Anton spent the dinner rolling “lady’s man” on a maid named Olga).

And that’s where things took a turn …

As it turned out, Olga was romantically involved with Denisov, the royal gardner, who was also leader of “The Collective” – a local resistance movement. In fact, the Collective had planned a coup d’état for that night. Olga revealed to Anton that she was terrified of Denisov and begged Anton to help her escape. *(Note: This woman currently runs Anton’s shop in Evenport.)

Anton quietly passed this along to the other PCs after dinner and the party politely excused themselves shortly thereafter. As the PCs, Amelia, and a few serving girls slipped out the back garden, the peasant horde raged up the hillside. At the docks, a group of soldiers had turned traitor and were confiscating Lincoln’s ship but the party made quick work of them. Anton’s laborjack Gustav came in handy by barreling through the villains while Lincoln and Handjob picked the rest off with their pistolas. As the PCs sailed away, they watched tyhe Irkusskan capitol burning behind them.



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