Iron Kingdoms

Part One: Rumble in Evenport, and an Investigation
Charles and Treadle had an arrangement with Madame Voodoo: The Evil Shopkeeper would collect a reward by turning them over to their enemy Shere Khan, ruler of Evenport – Charles and Treadle would be ambushed in a spectacular gunfight – allowing the two gunfighters would eliminate some of their enemies – or at least some of their henchmen. Then they would ask Voodoo to start it all over again.

By this time, the above events had run their course several times. Shere Khan was growing impatient as to why his men were unable to capture their quarry.

Which leads us to …

Tok and Bob were investigating Prince Reese’s disappearance (and advancing the plot, thank you very much). The goblin and ranger had tracked the conspirator’s to a riverboat party parked at a dock next to Lady Vue’s mansion. They infiltrated the party in disguise, rolled gather information, then snuck into Lady Vue’s backyard garden.

Not far away, Charles and Treadle were managing an ambush that had quickly become too much to handle. The Khan had sent more, and better armed and trained, henchmen this time. To make matters worse, they were cornered at the end of a pier. The Elf and Chimney Sweep were making a good show of it, blasting away at Khan’s henchmen, when Thump appeared, tumbling past their bullets, and rushing down the dock toward them. Reaching their end of the dock, he sprung at them and, with a flurry of blows, TKO’d both adventurers in one round. They were captured and brought before Khan, who interrogated them, gained nothing, then tortured them and stripped them of their possessions. After being beated into a bloody coma, Charles and Treadle awoke chained to the belly of a prison ship.

Back at Lady Vue’s mansion, Tok and Bob had discovered a Crypt. Which was dug into her backyard, and locked, and guarded by displacer beasts, and full of traps. A few sneak rolls got them past the displacer beasts. A key pilfered from the house got them into the Crypt. Down the stairs they went. Every fifth step they heard a “click”. Investigating the first “click” found them nothing. They decided to push on. After a second “click”, they investigated again. Nothing. Then a third “click”. This time they stopped for good and looked REALLY hard (Bob took 20). They found it, they were setting the traps as they went down INTO the crypt. If they continued as they were, it would be almost impossible to get out.

Tok whipped out his tool kit and began dissembling the traps and the pressure plates that were triggering them. The descent was meticulous. However, at the crypt’s bottom they were rewarded with the information they sought: Prince Reese had been abducted. He was being held on the infamous Isle of Herone. An island that was tucked away between the Scharde and Cryx. Its exact location was known by only a few (the people with the power to send prisoners there). Fortunately, the Margrave of Vilmaer knew a Cygnaran-exile-turned-privateer named Cassinni St. Oreo, who knew exactly where Herone was. Not only that, but she was also crazy enough to take them.

Part II: The Journey South into the Scharde

Sailing south aboard the “Darkmaiden”, the PCs discovered the reason for St. Oreo’s bravado – her ship was incredibly fast. The “Darkmaiden” was powered by a crystal the size of a dragon egg. Kept in a secret hold beneath the stern, the crystal crackled with untamed arcane energy and magically propelled the ship at great speed.

However, this did not prevent Oreo from running aground against a reef. A band of Revenant Pirates were using the reef as a point of ambush. There was a breif fracas, and the undead were dispatched. It was here that Steve pulled a certain pair of boots off an undead pirate. Stever really hasn’t been the same ever since. This was also the first time anyone had run into the forces of Toruk, the Dragon-lich-deity and ruler of Cryx.
Isle of herone

The Darkmaiden sailed further south, deep into the Scharde. Capt. Oreo and her crew deftly avoided any more entaglements. After several more days of sailing, the party awoke one morning to a thick fog. The Darkmaiden had located Herone’s coastline. The captain got as close as she dared, then hid her small cutter in the fog bank. A pair of rowboats dropped the PCs on shore. Oreo would stay hidden in the fog and await their signal.

Two days earlier a prison ship had stopped short of that same fog bank. The chimneysweep had weaseled his way free of his chains (while lighting another prisoner, a lizardman named K’Selsiss, on fire) and managed to jump ship and swim ashore. As Treadle and the other prisoners were brought ashore via longboat. Charles watched from the shadows of the jungle.

Treadle and his fellow prisoners had barely reached the beach and made a fire when they were ambushed, captured, and carried into the jungle by the native Dark Elf tribe. Charles calmly cast invisibility on himself and followed, waiting for a chance to free his friend.



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