Iron Kingdoms

Episode I: Evenport

Never shake down a chimney sweep.

Episode I: Evenport

Part 1 – A Thing Inherited, A Few Others Stolen

Irkusska ii
Capt. Handjob had inherited property on Evenport Isle and he decided to sail there with his old friend Capt. Lincoln. Upon arriving, the party discovered that a counterfeiting ring had set up shop in Handjob’s new house. Handjob, Lincoln and their Trollkin first mate made quick work of the criminals, taking one hostage and killing the rest. Via torture, they coerced the survivor to give up his contacts: Smugglers from the Scharde Isles were bringing the gold to a Menite Priest named Kreoss who was converting the gold into Cygnaran crowns in an effort to destabilize the Cygnar economy.

Handjob and Lincoln took this as a business opportunity. After a few bribes and some shrewd negotiations with local officials, they quickly assumed the counterfeiters’ cog in the criminal machine. This operation has made the PCs money ever since.

Part 2 – The Docks
That evening, the party travelled to the docks to drum up some shipping business …

Charles was a simple chimney sweep who lived in a lighthouse on Evenport’s shore. One night, a pair of gangsters (Brom, a trollkin monk and Spek, a gobber pistoleer) knocked, intent to extort “protection” money from him. Charles was stubborn and refused to give up his hard earned cash. They fought. The monk chased Charles up into the lighthouse but the chimney-sweep was too clever. Charles gave Brom the slip by jumping out the window. On the way down, Charles caught Spek off guard with a grease spell and then shot the gobber’s face off. Charles fled toward the docks. Brom calmly called for backup, checked on his partner, and followed the chimney-sweep toward the shoreline.

Now at the docks, Charles ran past Handjob and Lincoln, escaping down the shore. The sailors wound up dealing with the goons – and after a brief firefight – a parlay was worked out.

Later, Charles fell in with Lincoln’s crew, Handjob solidified his counterfeiting operation, and Lincoln found a job to ferry a shipment to a small but troubled nation up north named Irkusska.



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