Iron Kingdoms

Episode IV: The Raven and the Duchess

Captains Lincoln and Handjob and the rest of the party were sailing to Evenport. During their voyage, Charles and Amelia did a little catching up which devolved into an argument from which they had to be separated. At Evenport, Lincoln and Handjob made hefty profits from selling their cargo of Irkusskan ore. After they checked in on their local racket, they collected even more profit from their counterfeiting. Both the Menites and the smugglers had made good on the bargains Hanjob had set. Counterfeit coin was now flowing into Cygnar from Evenport, all thanks to Handjob and Lincoln.

One evening later that week, Lincoln was sitting and smoking his pipe on the porch when he noticed a raven sitting on a nearby fence post. Oddly, the raven seemed to be watching him as much as Lincoln was watching it. After a few moments of staring, the raven flew away. The ship captain thought the incident odd and stored it away until later.

The next evening, a whirlwind hit Evenport. Tornadoes are unheard of near the ocean so the PCs investigated the strange weather. The vortex had engulfed the Menite Chapel (which supported their counterfeiting) and a group of homeless were gathering around, worshiping the storm. These homeless turned out to be cultists, poorly dressed in dirty cloaks. None gave a straight answer to their actions.

The windstorm subsided, and the PCs entered the chapel. Debris was strewn about the sanctuary, all the stained glass windows were shattered, and the shattered temple had an odd stillness to it. Handjob spotted that a man and a young girl were chained to the central pillar. The man was beaten unconscious and it appeared he had chained the two of them there. The girl was still aware and alert and had only a few scratches. Hope asked the girl what happened but she did not speak.

Anton and his warjack Gustav were guarding the front door when they heard a desperate howl come from the courtyard. The cultists were attacking. Gustav was the first to charge their attackers, using his patented move of grabbing one man, crushing the life out of him, and then flinging the body at the others. Lincoln and Hanjob backed up the Khadoran and his ’Jack with their shortbow and pistols. The party deafeated a dozen culstists in two rounds.

The party searched the Chapel and found a hidden store room full of gold and wine. They loaded it all on Gustav and made off like bandits.

That night, the PCs conviened at the “Hanging Maiden”. The man had recovered and he revealed the girl was a Duchess of Irkusska, Anastasya Romanov, the sole surviving member of that country’s Royal family.



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