Western Immoren is descending into total war. Khador is invading Llael, the Menites have rebelled against the Cygnar crown, Vi and her Mage Hunters seek the head of Queen Amelia and that’s not even mentioning the Dragon-Lich Toruk and his rival Madame Voodoo. By the end of this session your PC will either be a semi-retired hero or just another entry into the dead-book. As always, the NPCs you’ve been fighting, torturing and messing with have leveled up just as fast as you …

Dark queen  battletoadsAdventure Log is up to date. Next, I will be working on a few house rules for Warcasters, Warjacks, PC death, leveling and epic levels, co-horts & hirelings.

If you want to review/catch up on the campaign, I recommend the wiki or the adventure log.

Or, check out house rules for Warcasters and Warjacks.