Orgoth Transmissions

iVVI currently resides in the mansion of Irkusska. She has recorded the Orgoth transmissions from the starship buried beneath the Old Colossal. I am posting them here because both parties (so far) have equal rights to the Irkusskan Mansion and iVVI speaks willingly with either group. The following three scenes are from one of the Orgoth’s final battles on Imorren.

1. Viewpoint is from the cockpit: “The starship is flying through the air, smoke billowing from the rear engines. Gunshots ricochet off the bottom of the hull. The trees below are getting closer and closer, the ship is losing altitude. It crashes into a sand bank. Gunshots continue to ricochet off the hull.

2. Viewpoint changes to from the top of the ship (like looking up through the floor) The top door opens and two armored figures emerge, their weapons shooting blue beams of energy in every direction. Then, there are swarm of human, dwarf, ogrun, and trollkin warriors all around them. The Warliblades come out, and the Orgoth shred their opponents to pieces. One of the Orgoth is mortally wounded but he fights on. As the last mortals are flailing against their oppressors, a shadow begins to emerge. A pair of starships pass by overhead. There is a loud explosion and from above the Colossus falls on top of the starship, pressing it into the sand.

3. Viewpoint is from the visor (First Person) of one of the Orgoth. He is saying something to his fallen friend. Then he presses the Warliblade into his friend’s chest. He takes a few things off his brother’s body, leaving the Warliblade pressed into his friend’s chest.
-End Transmission

Orgoth Transmissions

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