Mansion, Margrave of Vilmaer.

Vilmaer s mansion

The Margrave’s Mansion has been the scene of several key events:

- Poe’s first appearance as an uninvited dinner guest. He chatted up Charles, Treadle, Bob and Via (who he was particularly interested in). His giant raven was just outside, looking in through the window.

- An epic battle with the Retribution of Scryrah. The party was returning Prince Reese to Caspia. However, Hunters of the Retribution had spotted Via in Five Fingers, followed her and sprung the trap at the mansion. This was also where the Margrave was killed (the first time). The mansion itself was set on fire by the PCs after this battle.

- Orion’s introduction. The Druid/Dragon had claimed the forest after the Margrave’s death. He showed up to speak with Treadle’s and Charle’s party. They were on their way to search for the Iosan temple that yielded the Sleeper of Pestilence.

The above picture is of the burnt remains of the Mansion.

Mansion, Margrave of Vilmaer.

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