Irkusskan Government

It’s about time I wrote this crap down.

Queen Amelia – Ruler and Queen Regent to her son, the only direct descendant of the true and proper royal Romanov line. Although Amelia had a boyfriend in Cygnar, he’s not the father. It was the Irkusskan Prince Dmitri, the guy who Charlie’s wife arranged to marry Amelia. Lincoln, Handjob, Hope & Co. rescued her here and didn’t know she was pregnant.

Hope and Steve – Amelia’s primary bodyguards when she travels abroad. She also keeps a dozen royal guard on retainer.

Capt. Lincoln – Minister of the Merchant Navy and Commander of the Martial Navy.

Vladimir – Head of Intelligence Division

Brian – Leader of the Koi (Holy Paladins of Irkusska).

Capt. Handjob – Treasurer and Secretary (demoted because he never shows up).

The above PCs may loan any reasonable amount from the treasury, tent out a Frigate or three, grab a few Paladins of the Koi or a battalion of the Army for backup, or ask it’s intelligence community for any inside information.

Irkusskan Government

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