Recent History (past 2+ yrs)
The first being the Old Monarchy headed by King Tirusk and Prince Ancev (who had married the Princess Amelia). They were overthrown by a peasant revolt headed by a group known as “The Collective”. Theirs was an ineffective communist dictatorship and so fell out of power with the appearance of Duchess Anastasya. Queen Anya was the sole member of the royal family to survive the Collective’s uprising. She was found in Evenport by a group of adventurers who then saw her restored to the throne.

Anastasya disappeared shortly after taking the throne, and at the same time Queen Amelia was discovered in Caspia, the capitol of Cygnar. The young Queen was engaged to be remarried, even though she carried the unborn child of Prince Ancev.

Now Amelia governs the nation, and with her new born son she has brought stability to the nation. The capitol city, Ameliagrad, was renamed in her honor and thus far she has been consistently victorious in defending her nation, both foreign and domestic, from both the many political and military foes on the continent.

The PCs have access to the following assets from the Irkusskan Military:
Irkusskan Army
6 Frigates of the Irkusskan Navy
Order of the Rua

Overall Historical Background

Irkusska has been Khador’s northern neighbor for hundred’s of years. The Orgoth invaded Western Imorren over 1,000 years ago and successfully conquered the entire continent up to the Shardspire Mountains. Sometime after the first decade of Orgoth occupation, a group of refugees escaped north and crossed the Shardspire mountains to form their own “free” colony away from the cruel Orgoth. There they lived and multiplied to form their own nation, completely unbeknownst to their former masters.

The rebellion against the Orgoth began and Irkusska was careful to lend aid and resources, secretly taking on more refugees and moving precious metal ore south to help the cause. The Orgoth never touched the hidden nation and it was tucked deep within the mountain forest.

Once the Orgoth left, Khador rose to power as the dominant nation of the north. One by one, Kahdor began to conquer each of her neighbors. However, Irkusska always fostered a close relationship with Khador through careful diplomacy and trade. Khador eventually united all of the northern nations under one flag, all but one that is. Thus, it is Irkusska who has always lived in the shadow of its younger but more powerful brother.

Now Irkusska has expanded from their mountains, across the frozen tundra to the port city of “Uldenfrost” which is also it’s capitol. The small nation has undergone a great deal of turmoil in the last two years. It has endured a flood and famine, two governments being overthrown and a pair of attacks by Dragons!

The people of Irkusska look forward to renewed stability as a good summer has produced a solid harvest and a new trade agreement with Khador promises a growing economy. And finally, Queen Amelia promises stable government as she has recently raised a new army (numbering in the thousands) and commissioned two hundred paladins of Scion Athena.


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