Church of Menoth

Devotees of Menoth worship the oldest deity. Menoth created Immorren, sheltered civilization from the wrath of the Devourer Wurm and blessed mankind with the gift of fire. It wasn’t until the Orgoth invasion that the people of Immorren turned away from Menoth and began worshiping Morrow.

This new church, Morrow, is far more liberal and less “evangelical” than their southern cousins. Devout Menites do not consider Morrow a deity, and consider his worshipers heretics. This to say nothing of Thamar (self serving deity of magic) or the Devourer Wurm (CN deity of nature and chaos).

The Church of Menoth is very prominent in southern Cygnar, an area that has been recently devastated by drought and famine, Voodoo’s pirate raids, and a tsunami. There is a LOT of unrest. Most of the population has turned to Menoth for guidance, as they feel Caspia has turned its back on them.

The Menite Church believes their time of deliverance is soon upon them. A great leader will soon deliver them to glory and wipe the unbelief from the land.

Members of the Church of Menoth – Daughters of Flame, Choir of Menoth, Exemplars, Flameguard, and the Idrian Skirmishers.


Church of Menoth

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