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Caspia is the capitol of Cygnar, one of the most powerful nations in Western Immoren. King Vinter Raelthorn II rules Cygnar. Crown Prince Vinter Raelthorn III is first in line and Prince Leto “Reese” Raelthorn is second.

Prince Reese was rescued from the Isle of Herone by Charles, Treadle, Via, Anton, Bob, Tok, & Steve. He was wrongly imprisoned there by forces unknown. He has pledged that he owes each one of them an eternal debt of gratitude.

Caspia is one of the oldest and most prosperous cities in all of the Iron Kingdoms. Two major and three minor land routes lead to Caspia, and all of them teem with traffic. The northern gate is the largest and opens onto the King’s Highway to Fharin and beyond. Many boats come to the city by way of the Black River. The river is also the main way that the Dwarves of Rhule come to the city to trade. Caspia is one of the manufacturing centers of Cygnar and the city is in constant need of Dwarven Ore to process and coal to keep the forges hot.

The City is divided into seven districts that are each divided by skyscraping walls. Invading the city would be a nightmare for any would be attacker. The only thing higher than the city’s walls is the inner fortress, “Castle Raelthorne” which was constructed by the King at the beginning of his rule (Vinter II has been on the throne 36 yrs).

Caspia is home to a little over 1 million residents. Most are human Caspians with a few gobbers, trollkin, ogruns, and dwarves.


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