Blackwater is located in an ominous fjord with steep cliffs plunging nearly a thousand feet into the black, lightless water. The bogrin and trollkin who dwell here say this is where the Devourer Wurm clamped his jaws to hold Dhunia down as he sired them. The city itself nestles on a narrow crecent of shoreline under the looming black walls of the fjord and oozes like a fungal growth of brick and rotted wood over the water. Half the city’s buildings float on pontoons or perch on stilts.

Blackwater  port of

They say the taverns of Blackwater are the most dangerous in the world. Pistol wraiths prowl the streets looking for unwary souls to duel. Slavers hunt the back alleys for prey. And necrotechs barter for corpses in the open.

Jill and Treadle first met Asphyxious and Capt. Dolly in Blackwater. Both PCs still owe the Iron Lich a year of servitude in his fleet. Dolly owns a set of docks to she repair and re-supply her ships.


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