Iron Kingdoms

XXVI: iVVI's Quest part ii

The party consisting of Anton, Vladimir, Hope and Charles had infiltrated the Cryxian empire, locating a hidden and ancient Iosan temple in the shadow of Toruk’s home base.

The party had previously fought several Retribution Mage Hunters and located an elevator that lead down into a hidden passageway beneath the temple. This passageway was of a curious nature, being a catwalk next to a large metal tube with a diameter greater than a man’s height. The tube and catwalk stretched for an unknown length beneath the earth.

The party briefly battled Lianne, the mad Iosan Queen, on the catwalk, killing her dire wolf and wounding the queen herself. They were also aware they were being tracked by a Mage Hunter of Scyrah.

Down the tunnel, the party found a doorway that lead to the rest of the installation. It was clear now they were looking at an Orgoth creation, as the technology was millenia beyond the steam powered machines of Immorren.

Toruk had become aware of their presence, and had sent his dragon servant Pellangir to deal with them. Pellangir met them on a bridge that crossed a chasm between the catwalk and the rest of the station.

The party was able to hold off the dragon and enter the station. Therein Hope located a cryogenically frozen Orgoth that they unfroze by furiously mashing the control panel. As the Orgoth recovered from being frozen for 400 years, it attempted to speak with Hope. She did not understand the strange creature and decided to lop its head off with her sword instead.

The party was now relying on iVVI to guide them through the Orgoth station, and she did not disappoint.

XXVII: Kingdom of the Giants

The party of Steve, Ben, and Lincoln had tracked the Iosan Mage Hunters across the frozen tundra of Irkusska to a temple hidden on the plains.

Previously they had defeated a party of Iosan Mage Hunters and were searching the temple for any more information they could find out about the strange place and why the Retribution was using it as a base of operations.

What they found was the temple had been occupied by an reconnaissance force headed by a pair from the 13 members of the colorless pool. The group had been spying on Irkusska for quite some time…

Unexpectedly, they were attacked again from a pair of the surviving mage hunters. They fended off their attackers, although Ben was gravely wounded, and then tracked their foes North and West to the foothills of the Shardspire Mountains.

Evading Tharn foot patrols, and keeping a watchful eye out for dragons, the party discovered a city of giants nestled in the nearest mountain. The Giants extended their hospitality to the party and they even met with King Hexerses.

Hexerses was very happy to meet with emissaries from his neighbor Irkusska. As it turned out, his country had been fighting the dragons for even longer than Queen Amelia’s had. The dragons Ashnephos and Charsaug were paying weekly visits to the Giant’s city, and Hexerses had issued an order where only a select few of the Giants were allowed outside the city walls for fear of the dragons.

Hexerses was also meeting with an emissary from the Retribution of Scyrah. The nature of these meetings remains unknown however, as the Retribution members left soon after the PCs arrived.

That night, the dragons attacked. Ashnephos and Charsaug swept down from the mountains, raining fire from above and with a host of Dragonspawn swarming about they set to destroy the city.

The PCs rushed out of their quarters and fought their way to the King’s chambers. They arrived just in time, blasting their way through a crowd of Carneveans before meeting Charsaug in the streets.

I believe it was Steve and Ben who concocted a plan of teleporting a bag of grenades into the belly of the wyrm, which pretty much did him in right away. Ashnephos fled right after.

Hexerses rewarded the PCs greatly, giving each the opportunity to have one of his Hunters assigned as a personal companion for each. The PCs returned to Ameliagrad with a peace treaty and a trade agreement in hand(Hexerses desired Irkusskan grain to feed his people in exchange for his iron).

XXIIX: Dome of the Rock
"Lincoln and Co. take over a new outpost" (or) "Capt. Pontiac meets his doom"

The Llaelese privateers headed by the daring (if not altogether sane) Capt. Manuel Rivero Pardal had been a thorn in Irkusska’s side for the better part of a year and a half now. They had sunk over a dozen Irkusskan merchant ships, and even raided a few towns along the coast. All this despite the fact that Capt. Lincoln and Co (Ben and Steve) had destroyed three of Pardal’s ships and took a pair of prisoners late last spring.

Lincoln, Ben, and Steve had just returned from hunting dragonspawn with the giants, and after hearing reports that the privateers were still very much active, the party decided to go put an end to them.

They sailed out with 4 of the 6 Irkusskan Frigates: The Grit, the Barnacle, Diversity, and Queen Amelia’s Revenge along with Capt. Lincoln’s personal ship – The Super Sloop – as the flagship. Steve and Ben hung the prisoners off the sides of the ship until they gave up the location of the privateer’s base (this took about 5 min). Lincoln was then able to guide the small fleet through the an ever present fog bank/barrier reef that surrounded a place called the “Dome of the Rock”.

Lincoln put the Grit in the lead (due to its darkened hull), and they carefully sailed in at about 1 knot in single file formation. After about 8 hrs the Grit signaled that it had come to the end of the fog, and that they had spotted the “Rock” 40 cannon and 4 ships, including a Llaelese Galley, defended the island, but they did not know about the Irkusskans.


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