Orion's Loot

Everything found on Orion's dead body.


Dragon Loot …

(most of which needs to be identified)

$100,000 in gems, silver and precious stones. This is all bundled in a single bag of holding with a note on it … “To Scrutator Garrik Voyle a devout follower of Menoth.”

Orion’s black staff – Upon closer inspection you see the blackness of the staff is because the wood is charred, as if burnt. If you grasp the staff, bits of brittle ash fall away from where your hand squeezes the wood. Vines spring from the staff as you pick it up as well. They twirl up and down the staff as they grow-age-die- and regrow in a constant cycle.

A singular diamond the size of a child’s fist is wrapped in velvet and tucked in a pouch. The diamond has a red tint to it.

Boots made of leather hide and lined with wolf fur.

Orion’s clothing which is mostly made of bear hide.

x8 potions of “Full Heal” (you know what these are right away)

The following magical scrolls: 1x Earthquake, 1x Meteor Swarm, 2x Teleport, 2x Delayed Blast Fireball, 1x Improved Invisibility.

(Anton (Carl)l can read magic and identifies them right away, they are all as if cast by an 18th level wizard and were obviously prepared by someone other than Orion – who did not cast any acrane spells during either battle that weekend.)

2x magical rings – one is gold in color, the other is silver.


These are the items found on Orion’s dead body. After he dies he reverts to human form, which leads you to question whether he more dragon or more human druid. However, his “Ahnk” still appears where his “heart” would have been in dragon form (this is a separate entry).

This is NOT Orion’s horde. That is tucked away in his lair and you don’t know where that is, yet. There may be clues within the items described in this list as to where the lair may be.

Orion's Loot

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