Order of the Rua

Devoted Order of Paladins


The Rua worship the scion Athena and are considered an offshoot of the Menite faith (although they lack to zeal of their southern cousins).

Members of the Order of Rua range in level from level 6 (its a prestige class) to level 25 (the head of the order). So far, the Order has fought in numerous battles and skirmishes in the defense of Irkusska, and their Queen Amelia. The first such battle was against the Dragon Orion and his dragonspawn.

Irkusska is a nation surrounded by wilderness, much of it infested with Dragonspawn, Nyss, Giants, and other wild folk. As such, many members of the Order of Rua will cross train as rangers as they often find themselves far away from home, living off the land.


Order of the Rua

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