Letter to Scrutator Gerrik Voyle


I hope this note finds you and your faithful well. I have traveled a great distance to ensure this gift would reach you, as it is a sample from my personal treasury. I am saddened by the news that you have stopped receiving shipments from Khador. Surely, they will pay for their treachery to your cause.
Know that your cause is just and that the Harbinger of Menoth will soon arrive. The signs are clear, the endtimes are upon us and it will fall to the church of Menoth to lead the people during this time of darkness. I am certain, as no doubt you are too, that the people WILL follow Menoth, whether by will or by want, by free will or by force of arms.
When last we spoke you expressed your suspicion that by awaking the sleeper you may be able to force the hand of fate and bend it to Menoth’s will. Thus, by either Menoth’s blessing or by altering the fate of the world you will find the soul of Menoth’s Harbinger revealed to you. Attached to this note is a map whereby you may summon the sleeping spirit. Not surprisingly, the sleeper’s resting place lies in the Isles of Cryx.


This is the letter attached to the $100,000 in gems, silver and precious stones that your party picked off of Orion’s dead body.

Letter to Scrutator Gerrik Voyle

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