Letter from Capt. Manuel Rivero Pardal

A taunting note to Capt. Lincoln


I, Captain Manuel Rivero Pardal to ye chief of ye squadron of knaves that would plot harm to your neighbors …
I am he who this month have done that which follows. I went on shore at Caimonos and burnth twenty houses and fought with Captain Ary and took from him a ketch laden with provisions and a canoe. I am he who took Captain Baines and did carry the prize to Cartagena, and am now arriaved at this coast and have burnt it.
And I am come to seek Admiral Lincoln, with three ships of war of 22 guns, and having seen this, I crave he would come out upon the coast and seek me, that he might see the valour of my men. And because I had no time I did not come to the port of Mynuskka to speak by word of mouth in the name of my King, whom Morrow preserve.

Dated 5th of Trineus.


Cpt. Manuel Rivero Pardal


Letter from Capt. Manuel Rivero Pardal

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