Irkusskan Naval Ships

Specific Information about the ships of the Irkusskan Navy


An old, old wooden ship used during the colonial era of Irkusku. Diversity has been rebuild from the deck up to make it a strong addition to the Irkusku Navy.


The Barnacle
The awesomeness of this ship is near unfathomable. 100% pure silk sails adorn this pinnacle of nautical craftsmanship. Its dozens of assorted cannons could pound a couple of galleys for hours without tiring. It’s additional armaments range from an extensive equipment package given to each crew member which even includes an armored suit up to the crows nest full of sharp shooters. The Barnacle is so devastating in battle that it is bound to become legen…wait for it…dary!

Named after the chief boat builder’s old Grandpa Grit, this ship is as tough and finicky as that old sailor. Built with stealth in mind, Grit was designed with a shallow keel to allow it to navigate close to shore and given a darkening treatment to its hull and sails so it blends in with the night.

Flotsam and Jetsam
These two ships were built using wreckage from past sea battles. The superstitious crews believe that since the materials already went through one destruction, they are unlikely to be destroyed again.

Queen Amelia’s Revenge
The flagship of the Irkusskuan fleet, the Queen Ame’s Revenge is in honor of the Queen, her royal highness, Anastasia Romanov.


Irkusskan Naval Ships

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