Irkusskan Navy

6 Frigates


Irkusskan Frigates are fast enough to out run a Galleon (or run down anything else) and strong enough to stand up to one. If used properly, a Frigate’s long cannon and superior speed can prove superior to the bulk of a Galleon.

The Irkusskan Navy has 6 Frigate Ships of War. They each have 24 long cannon and can carry 120 soldiers. They have a crew of 30 sailors and 48 gunners, with the gunners helping sail until the ship engaged and enemy.

PCs belonging to the Irkusskan government may take up to 3 frigates for any one mission. The Queen requires at least 3 frigates stay to defend the coastline and her merchant navy at all times.

Frigate 1


Irkusskan Navy

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