Dragon Ahnks

Dragons Ahnks are the "heart stones" left behind when a dragon is killed.


Varying in shape, size, and color, Dragon Ahnks have only a few known properties.

1. They can give birth to a fully adult dragon at almost any time.

2. Ahnks of the right “maturity” can be harnessed for their magical power. However, to what extent or how has not been discovered by the PCs!


These Dragon Ahnks are crystals left behind after a dragon dies. The size of the crystal is not indicative of the power or age of the dragon, rather, each is unique to the dragon’s personality. If left alone, an Ahnk will eventually “rebirth” a dragon (much like a phoenix egg). Furthermore, one of the few times a group of mortals were able to capture an Ahnk egg, they attempted to destroy it only to discover they had inadvertently triggered the “rebirth” of the Ahnk to produce a fully grown (albeit, completely NEW) dragon! The serpent immediately set about laying waste to the humans who had tried to destroy it as well as the surrounding countryside.

So, it’s safe to say that it is extremely dangerous to keep a dragon Ahnk around!

Players who have gotten a ride with Captain St. Oreo know that she has a dragon Ahnk in the belly of her ship, “The Darkmaiden’s Dance”.

Dragon Ahnks

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