Orgoth Shards

Crystal Shards are pieces of a giant crystal that was used to power the Alien Mothership.


There are SEVEN pieces to the mothership’s crystal.


Both parties have discovered enough to know this much:

1. The Orgoth came to Western Immoren from across the sea (the Meridius). Orgoth was the mortal race of humanoids that were controlled by the “Aliens”. The Orgoth invaded the Iron Kingdoms (150 yrs) and then ruled them (400+ yrs) until they were repelled. Thus, we use the name “Orgoth” loosely here as the word actually refers to the humanoids who conquered the Iron Kingdoms, not the aliens who controlled them. As of yet you have no name for the Aliens.

2. The Crystal, once put back together and whole, will be able to provide a power source to the “Orgoth” mother-ship. The guides each party discovered in their respective “starship dungeons” referred to this mother-ship as the “Dragon”.

Orgoth Shards

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