Worm that Walks

Villain that used to be the Duchess Anastasia


The worm that walks is a mass of worms, formed into the shape of whatever dead spellcaster the worms originally fed upon.


Anastasia fled Irkusska to escape the uprising of the Collective. She traveled to Evenport with her protector Mr. Robinson. In Evenport, the two of them were assaulted by a tornado. The PCs found Robinson and Anastasia chained to the main pillar of the church when the wind storm subsided.

Anastasia was a Duchess before the Collective. For a short time she ruled Irkusska as Queen. However, her true nature was revealed in Episode X, when the party found out she was a Worm that Walks. This monster has been a thorn in their sides ever since.

Worm that Walks

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