Chief Henchman for Shear Khan in Evenport.


Thump is a Trollkin – Monk/Drunken-Master. He has tangled with the PCs on numerous occasions, beginning in Episode I. He has a particuarly long history with Charles.

Thump began his career as a criminal as an orphan cutpurse on the mean streets of the Five Fingers. After his gang was nearly wiped out in a war with a rival gang, Thump fled to Evenport where he fell in with Khan’s organization. Thump has never been formally trained by anyone. Rather, his skill with his fists is entirely self-trained. He has a long standing partnership with the goblin Tok, a pistoleer. Tok, however, has fallen on hard times since he lost his eyesight to Charles in a failed extortion attempt. Thump still checks in on his disabled friend, who is now a piano player at the “Hanging Maiden”.



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