Shim is a Great Blue Wyrm who rules the Easter Desert.


“Shim the Overconfident” is a terrifying blue dragon who conquered a large swath of the Skorne Desert. It is said that every savage humanoid living to the East of the Bloodstone Marches has sworn fealty to the “Empress of Thunder”. It is said that any rain falling in the desert does so only with her permission. If these fantastic tales are true or not is unknown. What is certain, Scorn tradesmen travelling from the Far East have reported gigantic Pyramids being constructed in the middle of the desert. She is often referred to as Overconfident for building her kingdom within such close proximity to the Dragonfather. Time will tell if her assured nature is warranted.

Shim the overconfident ii

Rumors say the “Empress of Thunder” believes herself to be every bit the equal of Toruk. She believes she wields just as much power as the Dragon Lord himself and in time she believes she will wield just as much influence. Her army numbers the tens of thousands. There are whispers that she employs the services of both Demon and Djinni – as slaves, servants or partners no one knows.

Shim frequently flies at night above the Skorne Desert and as a Great Wyrm she can travel incredible distances in a short time. She also enjoys conversing with travelers when she is about. Shim has a particular interest in the political goings on within the humanoid nations of Western Immoren. However, if she has any personal stake in the political game, no one knows.


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