Queen Amelia

Queen Amelia, Charles' daughter, is ruler of Irkusska.


Queen Amelia
Noble 6/Bard 14
NPC, Human/Caspian, Chaotic Good (Neutral Evil towards Father), 5’4"/115 lbs
Religion: Morrow/Ascendant Athena
Str 10 Dex 14 Con 12 Int 14 Wis 15 Cha 22 (25 w/ Cloak)
Saves: Fort +6, Ref +11, Will +15
HP: 99 AC: 16 (20 w/ mage armor) Touch AC: 12, Flat Footed AC: 14
Base Attk: +14/9/4 Initiative +2

x7 feats: Silent Spell, Skill Focus: Diplomacy (3 Diplomacy), Negotiator (3 diplomacy and sense motive), Disguise Spell,

Mithril Chain Shirt: AC +4

Arcola, Watchful tooth of Ashlardon: 19/ +14/ +9 1d4 + 5 (17-20/x3)
5 Keen dagger, pg. 271 of DMG)

Musket Pistol: +16/ +11/ +6 1d8 (20/x2)

Other Gear: Walking staff (1d6), Cloak of Charisma (+3), Pack, Bedroll, Fiddle, Flute
Note: Queen Amelia has extensive resources at her disposal as the ruler of Irkusska. She has an extensive wardrobe, a dozen servants, and a growing treasury. She is also want to carry no less than $5,000 on her person at all times should she feel the sudden urge to go shopping … which is caused by stress … and stress is caused by Dad.

Spellbook: 0- detect magic, mending, light, message, read magic, summon instrument, ghost sound
1- comprehend languages, cure light wounds, ventriloquism, disguise self, tasha’s hideous laughter 2- Cure moderate wounds, heroism, toungues, invisibility, detect thoughts 3- cure serious wounds, major image, haste, good hope, displacement 4- cure critical wounds, dimension door, Greater Invisibility, rainbow pattern, shout 5- Shadow Walk, Mislead, Greater Heroism


At the onset of the campaign, Amelia had been sold into an arranged marriage to Ivan the Crown Prince of Irkusska by her mother Delilah. However, Captains Handjob and Lincoln rescued the poor girl on the same night the government was overthrown in a coup. Amelia left the party and followed her dad once Lincoln and Handjob landed at Evenport.

Amelia followed her father around for most of the spring and summer as he bounced all over Western Immorren. She was present as the Isle of Herone sank beneath the sea, the Margrave’s first death, and when the group was first attacked by the Retribution of Scyrah. However, when they returned to Cygnar she was persuaded by her mother that she had a much brighter future in politics than she did as an adventurer. Secretly, she decided she would go on one more mission and then give up her adventuring ways and quietly retire as a lady of the court in Cygnar. Her final mission with Charles, Treadle and Via would be to the Five Fingers to hunt for weapons smugglers.

In Five Fingers Amelia and her mother were attacked by the evil Madame Voodoo. The necromancer tried to kill her with a “Crushing Fist of Spite” and although Amelia’s body was completely broken and she breathed no more, her spirit was not allowed to pass to Urcaen. After the battle, Charles brought his daughter’s body to the Church of Morrow where he discovered that his daughter was NOT dead. By morning, Amelia was awake and healthy as if nothing had happened.

The party returned to Cygnar and Amelia quietly let her father take off for another adventure while she stayed behind. She petitioned her mother’s last husband, the Duke of Anjou, to take her in (which he did) as a Lady in Waiting. She intended to return to her life as a noblewoman in the nation of Cygnar.

The reason for her miraculous recovery would not be found out until later when the Charles discovered that a “Harbinger” could only be killed by Dragonfire. When he told Amelia this she was unhappy and rejected the idea. She told her father that he was simply trying to draw her back into his life.
And draw her back he did. There was a formal galla in the City of Five Fingers to commemorate a trade agreement between Ord and Cygnar. At the galla, Charles and the Smuggler’s party found her. Amelia did not want to leave her new life and tried to run. However, she did not get far. Charles hunted her down a few blocks away and teleported the two of them to where they could talk privately. There he persuaded her to return to Irkusska as Queen of that nation. This was because, unknown to everyone but her, she was 6 months pregnant with the child of the late Prince Ivan.

Amelia is now the Queen Empress of Irkusska. She will become Queen Regent once the child is born and Queen Dowager once the child is of age to rule. This is because the child is a direct descendant of the Irkusskan Royal line and she is not.

Queen Amelia

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