Johan St. Oreo, First Mate

Brother and guardian to Cassini. He's not the brains of the operation but he's definilety the brawn.


Neutral/Male/Caspian, Swashbuckler:9/Pistoleer:6
Age: 26


Johan can often be found at his sister’s side. He makes sure she doesn’t loose too much at the card table or loose her life while they are on the high seas. He enforces discipline and oversees the day to day running of their ship, “The Darkmaiden’s Dance”. He is also an accomplished swordsman and gunfighter.

Johan remembers almost nothing of their life before they were “Merchants of Sail”. He was only 7 when their family was exiled. He has always looked up to his older sister (although he would never admit it). He has no plans to be anything more than his older sister’s first mate and protector.

Johan St. Oreo, First Mate

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