Jannish Riordan, aka: "The Rat King"

One of the High Captains of Five Fingers.


Class: ?
Level: ?

Race: Human


Jannish Riordan, aka: “The Rat King” is one of the High Captains of Five Fingers. He allegedly runs Bellicose Island. He is also directly tied to illegal arms smuggling from the Scharde Islands into Cygnar. He also has significant beef with Charles, Treadle and Jill.

The last time the PCs met up with Aldon Isleson, he had this to say about the Rat King …

“There are a number of women in Jannish Riordan’s life, an’ I don’t care if the man knows I know because I happen to know he’s crossed a few lines that ain’t to be crossed, if’n you know what I mean. Woman #1 is a street tough named Jethbelle Kannigur, a dangerous little shrike who he sent to kill me once. That’s why I hide where she can’t find me, right under her nose. I’m told their relationship is strickly professional, which is probably good ‘cause my feel is that Kannigur would eat her own young. Woman #2 is a school teacher named Rowan, methinks she’s just a mistress. He visits her irregularly, lives on Hospice Isle, but I hear its once or twice a week he gets over there. Woman #3 is a prostitute, calls herself “Queen Amy”. I know with good certainty that they just had themselves a falling out. Amy and I happen to go way back, not like that, but she an’ I have had a few exchanges of intelligence. If you pay her like you’ve paid me she’ll tell you anything you need to know about the man. Amy and her girls know a lot of men who work for Riordan.”

Jannish Riordan, aka: "The Rat King"

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