Ivana Lovopsky


Age: 29

Align: N

Ht. 5’6" Wt. 144

Cup Size: DD

Inna lovopsky 3

To meet the real life Ivana Lobovsky, click here.


Ivana has a history with Anton (that he doesn’t remember). They had a fling lasting about a month that saw a young and naive Ivana think she was going to marry the dashing Anton. Obviously, he left her hanging at the altar, something which Ivana is still a bit sore about.

Ivana first met the PCs during the Evenport Dialogues. She had a direct hand in arranging for Khador to reach the final round. Unfortunately, Khador lost to the Menite Church in the final round and the PCs went home empty.

During the Dialogues, suspicions arose that Ivana was carrying on affairs with Mikhal, Commander of the Khadoran Army, and the Duke of Anjou from Llael. However, nothing was proven.

Ivana Lovopsky

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