Iosan Mage Hunters


NE, Iosan, Ranger/Mage Hunter (or) Rogue/Mage Hunter

lvl. 11-19

Travel in groups of 2-24, often under the command of a member of the colorless pool.


Members of the Retribution of Scyrah believe the use of magic by peoples other than elves is causing the death of the Iosan pantheon. Thus, they seek to destroy any and all non-elves who use magic. Of late, the Retribution has gone a step further by usurping power in Ios and declaring open season on all human spell casters. These elves also harbor a particular hatred of technology, especially warjacks.

The 4th Coil of Orboros has been spotted working with the Retribution in recent months. What this means is anyone’s guess.

Iosan Mage Hunters

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