Jungle Elf princess who tortured Jill. Also, she is now dead.


Hayake’s first scene in the campaign was also Jill’s. The Lamia was chained to a wall and Hayake was torturing her with her whip. Hayake’s older sister, Delake, was Queen of Herone and she was the second in command. That is, they both were until Charles sunk the Isle of Herone on the mission to save Prince Reese.

Hayake and Delake hooked up with Voodoo soon after. The two sisters became commanders in Voodoo’s armada. They had sworn revenge on Charles and Co. for sinking their island, so it made sense to ally with his mortal enemy.

Everything was going swimmingly until Jill dueled Hayake on a cliff overlooking Orion’s valley. It was an epic battle but Jill came out on top and Hayake came out in pieces.


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