Dragon of the Meridius Ocean


Eercarhax: Lord of Meridius, the Great Dragoneel, Bane of Ships, etc.

Erecarhax ii

Eercarhax is an eight limbed, serpentine water dragon who is known to prowl the Northern seas of Meridius. His true form is often debated. Survivors often recall distinctly different appearances of the great Sea Monster.

He has been sighted as a reason the Khadorans never developed a significant seafaring culture or why the Orgoth longboats never landed on northern shores. Although his lair is unknown, there are theories to its whereabouts. One theory is that he rules his own underwater kingdom of merfold and sehuagin deep beneath the surface. Another is that he maintains his own private island far beyond where anyone from western Immoren has travelled. A third, more scientific theory, is that Eercahax is nomadic. That he travels Meridius and terrorizes different coastlines by the season.


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