Dark Elf Queen, former ruler of Herone, currently in league with Madame Voodoo


NE Female Dark Elf
CR: ??


Delake ruled the Isle of Herone until Charles, Treadle, Anton, Hope & Co. showed up to rescue Prince Reese. After her island sunk, she and her sister (Hayake) gathered the surviving Dark Elves and made their way to Cryx. There, Delake met Madame Voodoo. The two women had much in common, their homes were destroyed by the PCs (ya’ll have broke into Voodoo’s shop about 34 times by this point), they were both evil, both hated Charles in particular, etc.

Delake now commands one third of Voodoo’s armada. Although Hayake was killed mano e’ mano by Jill, the older sister is MUCH more powerful. Delake is chosen of her people, prophecies were written about her before she was born. The winged Elf is destined to lead her people to a much greater destiny. Delake has lived her life for that purpose and she sees any obstacle as a challenge she must over come to make that destiny possible.


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