Anton Gorodetsky

Anton commands Gustav, the awesome skullfucking warjack. He also tries to have sex with everything and runs a brothel/part shop franchise. It is very lucrative. His sex life is less so.


Age: 29
Height: 6’1"
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown or something
Bloodtype: Doin’ it.


The son of a Khador general and some hot young thing, Anton grew up surrounded by his mom’s hot friends. This warped him in sad and twisted ways, turning him into the chauvinistic manwhore he is today.

The order of things that Anton fucking loves are as follows:
3) Khador!
2) The Ladies!

Not… not robots that are actually fucking, y’know? Just like, FUCKING ROBOTS. Specifically, warjacks. At an early age, Anton tried to build his own attractive lady warjack. This ended with a horrible accident that—while physically terrifying—actually INCREASED HIS SEXUAL PROWESS.

….We’re really not going to get into that. REALLY not going to. Just be sure in knowing that in the unlikely event Anton’s custom ‘ladies’ man skill’ works, he crits over and over and over. All night. Oh yeah.

…shit, where was I?

Oh yeah! Anton knew that in order to create a totally badass warjack of his own, he needed to have serious mechanical chops. Again, not literally, though that would be super-rad, too. Hey Quickie, can I have some steampunk sideburns?
Anyhow, Anton became an awesome mechanic who could cast spells and stuff. Most if it was like charm spells, invisibility, and tentacles because he is a disgusting human being. After mucking around with a group of dudes and some Margrave and someone named Madam Voodoo (who was actually hot, but for some reason he always thought she looked like that frumpy black chick from Monkey Island), Anton achieved his dream. With the help of his cybernetic, half-retarded screech owl Ygor, and his sentient mechanical hand Handsie, he constructed his warcaster armor (which does WAY MORE RAD STUFF THAN I REALIZED YOU GUYS!) and—above all—the skullfucking Warjack, GUSTAV!


Along the way, he helped some struggling young women open up an honest business as a part shop franchise, which is also an honest brothel. He’s currently looking to expand into Ios because there’s lots of really neat warjack tech over there and elf chicks fuck like FREAKING PUMAS. Most of the time, Anton is totally unaware of what’s actually happening. Apparently, there are spaceships. And some lame druid who needs to GET DEAD. Most of it doesn’t matter, unless it’s tits or Khador.

Mostly tits.

….Man, I need to pay attention to the plot sometime….

Anton Gorodetsky

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