Anastasia Romanov

Former Duchess and Former Queen of Irkusska


In summary: Duchess Anastasia was rescued by the party in Episode IV. Since then, the party had sheltered her aboard their ship. Anastasia was a quiet thirteen year old girl who rarely spoke to anyone. If addressed, Anastasia’s protector Mr. Robinson would speak for her. If alone, her answers were short and usually no more than a few words.

In Episode VIII she was restored as Queen of Irkusska when the PCs over threw the Collective and she was placed on the throne. However, the truth eventually came out when it was discovered she was not a young girl but actually a horrid monster called a Wurm that Walks. This came about during Episode X, when the party discovered the Giant Robot and underground Orgoth Station on the far northern coast of Irkusska.


Anastasia Romanov

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