Iron Kingdoms

XXVI: iVVI's Quest part ii

The party consisting of Anton, Vladimir, Hope and Charles had infiltrated the Cryxian empire, locating a hidden and ancient Iosan temple in the shadow of Toruk’s home base.

The party had previously fought several Retribution Mage Hunters and located an elevator that lead down into a hidden passageway beneath the temple. This passageway was of a curious nature, being a catwalk next to a large metal tube with a diameter greater than a man’s height. The tube and catwalk stretched for an unknown length beneath the earth.

The party briefly battled Lianne, the mad Iosan Queen, on the catwalk, killing her dire wolf and wounding the queen herself. They were also aware they were being tracked by a Mage Hunter of Scyrah.

Down the tunnel, the party found a doorway that lead to the rest of the installation. It was clear now they were looking at an Orgoth creation, as the technology was millenia beyond the steam powered machines of Immorren.

Toruk had become aware of their presence, and had sent his dragon servant Pellangir to deal with them. Pellangir met them on a bridge that crossed a chasm between the catwalk and the rest of the station.

The party was able to hold off the dragon and enter the station. Therein Hope located a cryogenically frozen Orgoth that they unfroze by furiously mashing the control panel. As the Orgoth recovered from being frozen for 400 years, it attempted to speak with Hope. She did not understand the strange creature and decided to lop its head off with her sword instead.

The party was now relying on iVVI to guide them through the Orgoth station, and she did not disappoint.



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