Iron Kingdoms

XXV: iVVI's quest, part i

Finally ...

The party of Hope, Vladimir, Anton, Charles, and Treadle finally took iVVI’s advice and headed to the Cryx isles in search of Orgoth station #99-Y6. Charles and Anton teleported them directly to Toruk’s main island where they discovered a temple in the Cryxian jungle.

The party sneaked up on a group of 4th Coil Druids and Iosan Mage Hunters. They fought their way into the temple. Inside, Hope triggered the generator matrix and two giant fans at either end of the temple began spinning. After a few seconds, debris was flying about the temple as though caught in a tornado. Charles alertly stuck a wall of force in between each fan, destroying them and stopping the wind.

The PCs defeated all enemies except for Zo Tanna and Lianne, Iosan Queen.



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