Iron Kingdoms

XXIV: Shim assaults Evenport

The great blue wyrm Shim attacked Shere Kahn’s mansion the next day. She ripped the roof off, ate his chief bodyguard and torched a passel of his bodyguards with lightning. Then she noticed Vladimir, who was attempting to open dialogue with her. She immediately abandoned Kahn and attacked the PCs.

The party of Charles, Treadle, Jill, Hope, and Vladimir went two rounds with Shim. The dragon knocked the top off Charles’ lighthouse (something the chimney-sweep took uncomfortably well) and fought the group up and down the shoreline, retreating several times into the water and jungle to heal and regenerate. The party stood their ground, bravely defending the city of Evenport from the dragon.

Finally, after Shim had retreated yet again to the water, a second dragon, Ashnephos arrived and the Blue Wyrm disappeared.

Ashnephos admitted to arriving in Evenport for the sole purpose of allying with the PCs. Word of their success fighting dragons had intrigued him. He sought there aid in the dragon wars and asked only that they call him if ever they are attacked again by another dragon.



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