Iron Kingdoms

XXIIX: Dome of the Rock

"Lincoln and Co. take over a new outpost" (or) "Capt. Pontiac meets his doom"

The Llaelese privateers headed by the daring (if not altogether sane) Capt. Manuel Rivero Pardal had been a thorn in Irkusska’s side for the better part of a year and a half now. They had sunk over a dozen Irkusskan merchant ships, and even raided a few towns along the coast. All this despite the fact that Capt. Lincoln and Co (Ben and Steve) had destroyed three of Pardal’s ships and took a pair of prisoners late last spring.

Lincoln, Ben, and Steve had just returned from hunting dragonspawn with the giants, and after hearing reports that the privateers were still very much active, the party decided to go put an end to them.

They sailed out with 4 of the 6 Irkusskan Frigates: The Grit, the Barnacle, Diversity, and Queen Amelia’s Revenge along with Capt. Lincoln’s personal ship – The Super Sloop – as the flagship. Steve and Ben hung the prisoners off the sides of the ship until they gave up the location of the privateer’s base (this took about 5 min). Lincoln was then able to guide the small fleet through the an ever present fog bank/barrier reef that surrounded a place called the “Dome of the Rock”.

Lincoln put the Grit in the lead (due to its darkened hull), and they carefully sailed in at about 1 knot in single file formation. After about 8 hrs the Grit signaled that it had come to the end of the fog, and that they had spotted the “Rock” 40 cannon and 4 ships, including a Llaelese Galley, defended the island, but they did not know about the Irkusskans.



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