Iron Kingdoms

XXIII: Evenport Dialogue

Shere Kahn's Auction

Shere Kahn sent secret invites to each ruler in Western Immorren. Each nation was to send an envoy to bargain/debate for the Island of Evenport. Rulers were also asked to provide a “donation” of something valuable the Kahn could use in retirement.

Queen Amelia asked Hope Illyria, Vladimir and Anton to represent her at the Dialogue. Irkusska’s donation was the Diamond Mine in the town of Luvmaya.

Prince Reese asked Treadle and Charles to represent him. The Prince of Cygnar offered a donation of access to the Arcane Laboratory in Cygnar and a full contingent of Cygnaran Warjacks to protect him in his retirement.

Each party arrived separately, were greeted by the Kahn’s Sentinels, and brought to his mansion. The other factions invited were: The Church of Menoth, the Nation of Llael, the Nation of Ord, the Nation of Rhul, the Khador Empire, and the Cryxian Empire.

Everyone arrived by the Dwarves from Rhul. When it was discovered the Rhulic delegation was sunk at sea with no survivors, rumors of foul play began to circulate.

The first night was a lavish dinner and a Ballroom Galla. The PCs were mingling and having a good time. The Khadorans were boasting to anyone in earshot about the glory of their empire and their certainty of victory in the debates. The Menites were lounging by the punch bowl. Isabella Mateau of Ord was attempting to pump Vladimir and Anton for inside information on Irkusska and Khador. Iron Lich Asphyxious was sulking in his room.

Enter Ivana Lobovsky, stage left.

Ivana, a diplomat for Khador, intimated a previous relationship with Anton, danced with Vladimir, flirted with the Duke of Anjou (Llael), conversated with half the room and proved herself a savvy card player.

The first round of debates was the next day. Khador was under suspicion for sinking the Rhulic delegation and so the matches were redrawn. As it went: the Menites got a pass by drawing Rhul; while Irkusska and Cygnar debated their way to victory; and the Duke of Anjou withdrew Llael’s claim when Mikhol Horscz of Khador revealed the Duke had improper relations with Ivana.

Tea and crumpets were served that night. Anton invited everyone to a sexy swimsuit party in the garden. The next day at 4 pm, the remaining delegates convened for the 2nd round.

VindictusThe first match was Treadle vs. Scrutator Vindictus of Menoth. Although Treadle gave it a good go, the cleric’s logic was too much. Cygnar was defeated.

The second match was Khador vs. Irkusska. Mikhol vs. Hope. After Mikhol made his opening statements, Hope took the stage and mysteriously conceded the match to the Khadorans. Whispers of intrigue began circulating the debate hall.

The final night saw an assassination attempt on Charles. The chimney sweep captured his assailant, Arcturian Marsk, and the killer was revealed to be with the Menite delegation. However, because of the heavy air of intrigue, the Kahn did not want to rush to judgement. The Dialogues continued while a formal investigation was launched.

The final debate between Vindictus and Mikhol was brief and revealing. Mikhol confidently took the podium and made a thundering opening statement about the glory of the Khadoran Empire. Vindictus was more subdued. Calmly taking the stage, the cleric cast a spell image displaying Kayazy Assassins attaching charges to the base of the Rhulic ship. The Khadorans had sabotaged the Rhulic delegation! The Kahn eliminated the Khadorans, and awarded the island to the Menites.

As a postlude, Wine and cheese were served in the gallery.



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