Iron Kingdoms

XXII: Hunting the Mage Hunters of Ios

After their naval victory, Lincoln, Ben and Steve took some time to track down the Mage Hunters who have been spying on the Irkusskan mansion for over a year. Steve has some experience tracking Iosans over long distances, so he took the lead.

After 8 days of tracking, they located the enemy’s hideout. It was an Iosan Temple tucked away next to “Winterborn Lake”. The Party spotted at two druids, their pets and three mage hunters moving about the premises. The PCs drew up their attack.

Elven temple

Things started off well. Steve head-shot a druid. Ben drove the mage hunters off with “Cloud Kill”. Lincoln drove off the other druid.

Then Myme (pronounced Mim), one of the 13 hunters of the colorless pool, appeared from a shadow. Steve got a half dozen bullets in her but she dropped him with her dagger. Ben didn’t know what hit him, he fell in two stabs. This left Lincoln, who was still unaware of what was going on (and Mark was asleep to boot).

Myme snuck up behind Capt. Lincoln, her dagger dripping with the blood of his allies, she was a foot away from his back, ready to stab …

… then she tripped into a sinkhole of quicksand and Lincoln woke up just in time to shoot her in the head.

The party pursued the remaining enemy into the temple. When we left off, they had made short work of the remaining druid and mage hunters and were getting ready to begin searching the place …



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