Iron Kingdoms

XXI: Pirates and Privateers

The Party had returned to Ameliagrad (Irkusska’s capitol) from sacking Orion’s lair. Steve, Lincoln and Ben were relaxing and refueling in town. Steve went snipe hunting. Ben went drinking. Lincoln, minister of Irkusska’s Merchant Navy, checked in with his office. They reported their iron shipments to Khador have been harassed by Pirates. Three ships had been hit, only one survived. It was moored along the northern dry-dock, being repaired.

The next night, Ben was drinking at the Queen’s Bollard, when the “Krazy Poppy” floated into port like no one was driving and beached itself on a reef. Only one man crewed the ship, and he was fast asleep at the wheel. In his pocket was a note.

Lincoln & Co. loaded up the Super Sloop, gathered some info, hired a wind mage and went out to hunt the guy. Reports said Pardal had three ships, and although Lincoln had only one ship with eight cannon, they party had a plan. Nothing is more dangerous than PCs thinking up a plan.

They reached where the “Poppy” was attacked in two days. After a few hours of waiting, the crow’s nest spotted a steamship on the horizon. The Super Sloop pursued.

The steam ship (The Monitor) soon spotted the Sloop approaching and turned about. The Sloop responded by raising the white flag. The two ships met, under a flag of surrender, and when Lord Rockbottom met Lincoln, the Irkusskan captain requested a parlay. Rockbottom responded by taking Lincoln prisoner. Ben responded by blasting the Monitor with the Sloop’s cannon.

A brief naval battle ensued …

Naval battle

Lincoln responded by dropping a Daren’s Instant Fortress in the belly of Rockbottom’s ship. Two wooden galleons came out of a nearby fog bank to support the Monitor but it was too late. The steamship was sinking faster than her crew could jump out. The Super Sloop dropped a few ship mines and turned tail. Unfortunately for the Pirates, this too was a ruse …

Ben took two ship mines, some grenades and a sailor; teleported to the other ships, lit the mines on short fuses, dropped grenades and teleported back to the Sloop. One of the mines exploded next to a stack of gunpowder, that galleon sunk. The other was saved when an alert warcaster put out the mine’s fuse.

Steve got the last ship by turning invisible, running a pair of mines to its bow and lighting them off.

All three ships sank. Dragon Eels ate the survivors. Steve and Lincoln took a couple prisoners. After a little torture, it came to light that the pirates were actually Llaelese Privateers.



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