Iron Kingdoms

XX: Orion's Lair

Searching for treasure ...

The party finally decided to raid Orion’s lair.

Flashback: In death, Orion took the form of a male druid. The party divvied up the loot and Lincoln had the presence of mind to “search the body”. He found a still-green sapling branch hidden in Orion’s boot. With a gather info roll, Lincoln networked to find a monster hunter who hunted near where the sapling came from.

Part One: Landing

Anton, Hope, Vlad, Steve, Charles and Lincoln sailed East along Irkusska’s northern coastline. Lincoln’s Super Sloop dropped them off at an inlet, then snuck back out to safer waters. The party began investigating the valley.

Apparently Toruk or Voodoo had gotten wind of Orion’s death, as a Cryxian raiding party was already searching the valley. The PCs snuck up on a search party of mechani-thralls and pistol wraiths. Anton cast move earth and dropped them down into a pit of acid. Unfortunately, the Iron Lich leading the search survived by casting levitate and teleport.

In related news, the party discovered a Terraph dragon-spawn was tailing them and a Nyss hunting party was watching everything from behind a waterfall on a far cliff. However, everything was cool because Charles had the party covered with Improved Invisibility.

Part Two: Throwing Down

The PCs snuck up on the Cryxian camp. There they discovered the dark elf Hayake torturing a Nyss woman. The party threw down, with Anton leading the ambush. Steve, Anton, Hope, Vlad and Lincoln blasted away at the Mechani-thralls, pistol wraiths and Iron Lich. Jill singled out Hayake and they dueled atop a mountain cliff. Charles took the Nyss woman to the Super Sloop, calmed her down and eventually evacuated her to the Irkusskan Mansion. The PCs were victorious all around.

Part Three: Dragon and Lair

The party searched for the lair entrance before reinforcements could arrive. Steve decided to walk across the surface of the lake (his boots had “water walking”). Steve did not know there was no lake and no water to walk on. It was all a powerful illusion and he had failed the save. He was actually in the middle of catwalk in the middle of a crater, surrounded on all sides by 200 Dragon-spawn.

Steve ducked for cover as a cloud of arrows came down on his head. Then he jumped up and made a mad dash for the exit. Arrows, axes, swords, teeth all assaulted him as he dodged, ducked and shoved his way past 50 dragonspawn to reach the door. Before him stood the biggest Carnivean he had ever seen. So he turned around and ran back.

Fortunately for Steve, there were two things working to his advantage.

1. He had a lot of hit points.

2. Anton had come to rescue him.

Anton flew down the crater, dropped Handsy (mechanikal arm) down and picked up Steve.

Up top, the Vlad, Hope and Lincoln had spotted Cryxian reinforcements rushing across the valley. The party was loading their guns and getting ready to roll initiative when a Cryxian sail barge was dropped from the sky on top of the offending undead. Orion’s mate, Halfaug, had come to play.

Jill came in just the nick of time. She summoned a Sirrush
to fend off the Blue Dragon while they searched for her lair, which they found, in the forest, with her lone surviving baby there for them to take hostage, which they did. Lincoln and Vlad used the baby dragon as leverage to get Halfaug to surrender the horde and fly away.

The End



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