Iron Kingdoms

XIX: Death and Resurrection of Steve

Lvl. 1 can crit too!

Steve assaulted the death cultist temple on Evenport, killing two guards and wounding a third. The cultists barricaded to door, so Steve slipped around to the north wall where found a secret entrance. He tried and failed a lock pick check, then tried to kick the door in and was duly spotted by the cultists manning the walls. They threw down a torch, and demanded he identify himself. Steve attempted a bluff, “Madame Voodoo sent me.” But they did not believe him. Then a cultist (lvl. 1) shot him in the aorta with a natural 20. Steve bled out and died on the spot.

Steve woke up in a forest. A rabbit was sitting on his chest. Steve and the rabbit studied each other. Then a crazy woman began to talk. “Ioma, is he alive? Did we bring him back from UrCaen?”

The Druid Via had raised him by the light of a full moon. The Iosan Princess was fresh off her first victory against her father’s usurpers and she had a job for the rifleman. Steve’s first assignment was to kill a shadow dragon she suspected was sent to kill her.

Steve had little choice in the matter, due to the Resurrection he was bound to Via. He searched the remains of the battle and picked up its trail. He tracked it into the forest and the dragon few out to meet him. After introductions and a few pleasantries, they fought. Steve was defeated handily. The dragon told Steve his background. Negotiations ensued. Pellangir struck up a deal for Steve to kill him in front of Via. This would allow Pellangir to renew himself and come back to get the Elf later, with her unawares.

Steve told Via he had taken control of the dragon (bluff check). Steve could see she believed him and summoned his partner. Pell landed in front of them, leaned his head toward the pistol, and Steve pulled the trigger. The dragon fell dead. Via was in awe. She gave Steve his next assignment: To capture Amelia (w/ Poe near Mookraken temple) and bring her rival harbinger to her.

Steve met up with Poe. The druid was perplexed by Via’s change in character. The two men traveled back to the madwoman. Words were exchanged, Via commanded Steve to kill Poe. The gunfighter shot Poe right in the chest, doing 100 million damage on a critical shot. Poe grunted, spat out a little blood and responded with an epic storm/earthquake spell. Via’s Eldrich army was destroyed, Steve was knocked cold and Via was blasted into the darkness.

Poe then did Steve a solid by breaking Via’s enchantment on him. Steve rejoined the party and regailed them with this tale.



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