Iron Kingdoms

Episode XVI: Three Battles

Death of Lokis, Death of Orion, Irkusska vs. Dragonspawn

Death of Lokis

Steve chased Lokis from Western Cygnar all the way north to the Ikrusskan Capitol. It was a close run affair, with Steve using his boots of haste and infinite stamina and Lokis jumping shadows. However, the magehunter arrived first.

Lokis entered Queen Amelia’s Masnion hoping to open a dialogue with the Irkusskans. However, Handjob and Vlad ambushed the Iosan mid-negotiation by flipping the table on him. Hope, Lincoln and Anton made short work of Lokis’ accomplices while Handjob and Vlad neutralized the master-bladesman by pinning him to the wall with a chair. Steve arrived just in time to help deliver the final blow. Lokis, one of the thirteen hunters of the colorless pool, died in the hallway of Irkusska’s royal mansion.

Death of Orion


Lokis was dead but not a week when his ally Orion came calling. Like Lokis, the dragon was fresh off the release of the Lord of the Feast. Orion had questions for the Irkusskans; questions about Harbingers, the newly crowned Queen, and why his ally was dead. Handjob and Vladimir were in no mood and made it clear they would not be bullied by a dragon. Weapons were drawn, Orion ripped the roof off the house and the newly minted Irkusskan army charged up the hill to fight the beast. Orion took wing and began strafing the army, bellowing fire down from above. The party stepped out the mansion just as Orion was landing atop a column of infantry and rolling around, crushing them with his bulk.

Then Captain Handjob drew back his short bow and loosed a fateful arrow (UP YOURS! Purple Die!) and struck Orion in the eye with a natural 20. Anton was quick to follow with Evard’s Black Tentacles (Orion was nice enough to bomb his save) and the rout was on. Steve dealt the final coup de grace by climbing atop the dragon and firing both pistols through it’s brain. And that’s how a CR 32 dragon died in one round.

Battle vs. Dragonspawn

Dragonspawn battle

Orion had barely breathed his last when 200 dragonspawn came howling out of the northern wood. The army rallied and Hope led a cavalry charge to counter the horde. Driving her steed full gallop at the enemy line, she stepped atop the saddle and launched herself at the last moment, cleaving a Nephilim in two as she landed. This act inspired the charging cavalry behind her and they broke the dragonspawn line right away. Anton’s warjack Gustav got in on the action. The warjack grabbed two spawn, bashed their skulls together, then rampaged through their line allowing the infantry to outflank the remaining enemy.



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