Iron Kingdoms

Episode X: Sehut

Worms that Walk, Giant Robots, and other anomalies.

Part One: The Party

In Episode IV, the party rescued Anastasia from a church in Evenport. In Episode VIII, she was placed on Irkusska’s throne as ruler. The Druid Poe kicked off Ep. X by riffing on Anastasia’s importance: “She is important somehow to the struggle between the good and evil of this world. The Dragon-Lich wishes to capture her, this I know. He believes she is dangerous. She must be kept alive, at least for a time, and I am sending my Emissary Sehut, to keep her breathing.”

Later that week, the Retribution of Scyrah attempted to assassinate the Queen while she was sleeping. Vlad and Hope spotted them sneaking through the outer garden. The party made short work of the Iosan assassins and interrogated a survivor. Unfortunately, little information was gleaned.

Then, Queen Simone of Khador wanted to meet her young neighbor. At Korsk (Khador Kapitol) Queen Simone held a lavish ceremony in Anastasia’s honor. Poe’s Emissary Sehut also met up with the party in Khador. Because of his appearance he spent most of his time hidden in the cabin of the ship. Everyone had a good time & then sailed back aboard Capt. Handjob’s ship.

Part Two: The Tempest

Storm boat

A violent storm struck the ship during its return. Cpt. Handjob’s expert sailing and command kept the ship afloat and landed it safely at an inlet. Then they dropped anchor & waited out the tempest. The thunder cleared and Handjob assessed how far off course they were. Just then, the crow’s nest called out a strange structure on shore. A colossal warjack was standing amid the ruins of an ancient castle. As everyone was staring at the giant robot, a desperate cry was heard from the Anastasia’s cabin.

Vlad and Hope burst into the cabin where they found a trail of blood leading from the little Queen’s room, out a window, across the side of the ship to where a lifeboat was now missing. They looked across the water, the lifeboat was halfway to shore. Queen Anastasia, Mr. Robinson, and Sehut were all gone. The party had been double crossed.

Anton, Handjob, Vlad and Hope all jumped in a lifeboat and raced ashore. They arrived close on the heels of their quarry. Hope and Vlad tracked the trail of blood to the steps of the ruined castle, the party followed it inside.

Sehut and the little duchess

Part Three: Aliens, a Giant Robot, a Wurm and Worms That Walk

The party split three ways: Anton and Handjob investigated the giant robot, Vlad slipped around back, and Hope followed the blood trail. Vlad spotted a lizard tail slip through the door of the corner tower. He sneaked up and discovered a party of dragonspawn were lying in wait in the tower. Before he could warn anyone, he was spotted. Then the “crystal dragon” showed up. Things got nasty.

Vlad took to sneaking, shooting, sneaking some more and then hiding and then shooting … etc … repeat.

Anton and Handjob took control of the Giant Robot and beat down the dragon while Gustav held off the dragon-spawn at the base of the giant robot. It was epic.

Down below, Hope arrived at the end of the tunnel. Lying against the wall was Sehut. A mean slash ran across his gut and he was pale from leaking blood. After some persuasion, Sehut convinced Hope the little Queen was actually a horrid monster who had kidnapped him and taken him here. Hope healed Sehut and they entered the next room.

Hope found herself in a room not unlike the one she found beneath the Old Colossal in Five Fingers. Swords drawn, she and Sehut approached a cloaked figure standing next to a control panel. The figure turned, it was the Worm that Walks!

A brief but violent battle was joined. Although Sehut and Hope defeated the monster, they did not destroy it.

The party discovered several things at this Orgoth Station. They disabled the station’s security system (named “Trebek”) and found a tiny robot named Scope, a floating mechanical eyeball. He yielded the following information:

“Hello my name is Scope and I am assistant to the automated security system Trebek. Trebek has slowly degraded over time and I am afraid he is of little use but to keep the door locked and spout out riddles. If you keep me with you I may be of assistance once you make it to station 89-7B. That is where the Nimbus Crystal may be assembled. It is a Power Source about the size of a children’s kickball once it is fully assembled. The Crystal is the power source of the ‘Dragon; which is the mother of all Orgoth ships at this colony. As you are mortals I cannot tell you where the ‘Dragon’ is. However, because I am suspicious that all Orgoth on this plane have been deceased for some time, I believe I should assist you in at least bringing the crystal together and taking you to the ‘Dragon’ should the Crystal be assembled.”

The party returned to Irkusska.



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