Iron Kingdoms

Episode III: The Midnight Express

Charles, Treadle, Via, Tok, Bob and Anton were hired by the Margrave of Vilmaer to escort him from Evenport to his keep in northern Cygnar. Vilmaer’s bodyguards were involved in a plot to see him “accidentally” killed so he fled. Disguising himself, he made his way to Evenport where he met Tok at the “Hanging Maiden”. The gobber agreed to help the nobleman and recruited the rest of the party to join the journey.
The midnight express
Vilmaer bought them tickets aboard the “Midnight Express” – an undersea train travelling from Evenport to Ord. A young debutant was murdered during the journey. A young Cygnaran noblewman named Tiona had been a dupe in" a conspiracy": against Cygnar’s Crown Prince Reese Leto Ralethrone. Tiona had uncovered the plot on accident, stumbling upon a conspirator’s note carelessly left on a desk. She immediatly realized her danger and was fleeing for the capitol to warn the Prince. Now she was lying dead in her room on the train. The party investigated.

It was a closed door murder. The body was found inside the room and the door was locked from the inside. Treadle found the murder weapon caught in the undercarriage of the train. It had been thrown from the room immediately after the murder. Tok investigated the body and discovered the murderer had left the room via the window. They soon found Tiona’s journal hidden in the closet. This led them to Tiona’s Stepbrother’s room where they found a collaborating note that tied her stepbrother Liam to the conspiracy. Meanwhile, a local investigator and the guards on the train were busy messing up the investigation. Anton had been drinking heavily and became inspired to run interference. He cast the spell “disguise” on himself and impersonated the investigator. This caused the guards to attempt his arrest. Anton fled and was able to stall the guards while the rest of the party solved the murder.

Now on the mainland, the party escorted the Margrave to his estate. Once there, Vilmaer treated his new friends to a weekend of feasting and hunting.

The Party was having drinks, recounting their adventures together with the Margrave when Treadle noticed a Giant Raven was parked outside the living room window. Then a man appeared in the room. He was dressed in animal skins adorned with feathers and a patch covered his right eye. He announced himself as Poe, a Druid of the 7th Coil of Orboros. The one eyed man had pegged the PCs as persons of interest and wanted a brief meeting. He made clear his intentions were not hostile, asked them of their current and future plans, then vanished.

The Margrave enlisted the party to investigate Prince Reese’s disappearance.



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